Android security checklist: theft of arbitrary files


Developers for Android do a lot of work with files and exchange them with other apps, for example, to get photos, images, or user data. Developers often make typical mistakes that allow an attacker to gain access to the app’s internal files, which store sensitive data. This article describes the most typical mistakes developers make and gives the best advice on how to fix them. We will also show how Oversecured can discover all these types of errors. Do you want to check your mobile apps for these types of vulnerabilities? Oversecured’s mobile app scanner provides an automatic solution that helps to detect vulnerabilities in Android and iOS mobile apps. You can integrate Oversecured into your development process and check every new line of your code to ensure your users are always protected. Start securing your apps by starting a free 2-week trial from Quick Start, or you can book a call with our team or contact us to explore further. We also give all new users two free scans, so they can check any apps for vulnerabilities! You can do this on the New Scan page.