Zoom Session Takeover - Cookie Tossing Payloads, OAuth Dirty Dancing, Browser Permissions Hijacking, and WAF abuse


In this blog post, we will tell the tale of how we were able to chain two completely useless XSS vulnerabilities into a persistent nightmare, which allowed us to hijack user sessions by stealing authorization codes with OAuth Dirty Dancing, and hijack trusted browser permissions to silently turn on webcams and microphones on web-based Zoom. As a bonus denial of service technique, we will also show how it is possible to use a normal XSS to perform what we call a “WAF Frame-Up”, where we trick the WAF into identifying our victim as a malicious user. This finding, exploit and writeup was a thanks to a team-effort between Sudi, BrunoZero and H4R3L. We reported this vulnerability to Zoom via their bug bounty program on 10/02/23, and were rewarded with a $15k bounty. The vulnerability fully patched by Zoom and verified by our team on 01/01/2024.